2023 The 9th Taiwan in my eyes 120h-SDGs Festival
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The event deploys team style participation over 5 days of activities, during which team members will visit several benchmark enterprises to conduct on-site field visits exploring sustainability dimensions; there is also much free time during the activity period, provided for teams to visit their own selected sites to explore Taiwan’s sustainability dimensions, and during the five days at least six self-selected sites must be visited. The self-selected sites there must have connections to the 17 SDGs.



主辦單位 Host Organizations

活動對象Eligible Participants

Undergraduate and postgraduate degree seeking students in Taiwan.


免費報名 Free
報名日期 Deadline:即日起至2022年12月16日(五)23:59 止。
Now ~ Until Dec 16 (Fri.), 2022 23:59.

The activity relies on team effort, with self-formed teams, and the team serves as the unit of participation for completion of the team registration form.

Each team must be composed of 4 persons, and we anticipate 12 teams participating, for a total of 48 students. The four team members must be from the same university, the three members should be of different foreign nationalities and the other one must from Taiwan. Each person may only register for one team, and no duplicative registration is permitted. If there are any counterfeit or misleading declarations contrary to truth, the organizers reserve the right to cancel the entire team’s registration qualifications. Students whose native language is not Chinese must have Chinese reading and communication skills.

Those whom have participated in Taiwan in My Eyes 120h in the past are not eligible of rejoining this event.



實地探索獎學金 Field Discovery Activity Scholarships
Each team member with NT$6,000, for a total of NT$24,000 per team, helping defray the actual costs of each team member’s per diem travel, room and board expenses associated with each experiential discovery site, and for any other incidental expenses, the teams shall be responsible for their own expenses.
中鼎國際交流獎學金 CTCI International Scholarships
On the date of the Results Presentation Event, each team will make a fifteen-minute presentation about their on-site discovery experiences, with the organizer providing scholarships for one team in
First Placein the amount of NT$100,000;
For two teams in Second Placein the amount of NT$50,000 per team;
For four teams in Third Placein the amount of NT$30,000;
and for the remaining five teams each a scholarship in the amount of NT$20,000.
最佳人氣獎 Best Popularity Award
Each team of participants must submit a 5-minute video composed from exploring Vlog to the organizer by Feb 24 (Fri.), 2023. A 2-week long competition will be held on the Facebook page of organizer to select the most popular video. A presentation will be held on Mar 25 (Sat.), 2023, for the final round selection. The winner will receive NTD$10,000.



線上報名:即日起至2022年12月16日(五) 23:59截止
Online registration:Now ~ Until Dec 16 (Fri.), 2022 23:59.

Teams should complete the team itinerary plan for participation in the event, which may be in any format or style before Dec 16 (Fri.),2022. The teams can select from field visits, corporate visits, community revitalization, and living environments to undertake their discovery. Only a total of 12 teams will be chosen.
入圍公佈:2022年12月30日(五) 於官網及粉絲專頁公告
Finalists Announcement:Dec 30 (Fri.), 2022 at Official website and Official Facebook
開幕儀式暨實地探索:2023年2月6日(一)至2023年2月10日(五) (共五日)
Opening Ceremony and Site Discovery:Feb 6 (Mon.), 2023 ~ Feb 10(Fri.), 2023
成果發表會暨評選會議:2023年3月25日(六) 08:30至15:00
Results Presentation/ Evaluation and Awards Ceremony:Mar 25 (Sat.), 2023 08:30-15:00
The organizers reserve the right to amend, cancel, or change any event content or details, and all information shall be deemed authoritative in accord with publishing on the official website only.

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